The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White

So something like a month ago (because I am so good at posting in a relevant time frame) we were packing up the car for the 12 hour ride home from Utah to Arizona when I realized that I had finished all three of the books that I had brought with me. I should have... Continue Reading →


My Seventeenth Year in Review

Happy Late Fourth... I was going the entire day with my dad at Universal Studios so I kind of missed the conventional Fourth of July celebration post. So I'll just say here: I love you America. I'll make you proud to call me American, and you make me proud to call you my homeland. I... Continue Reading →


Hey all; sorry for being Missing In Action for a couple (ten?) days. I was rather busy at SummerFest; I'll give you a quick run-down of a typical day so you understand why I couldn't post. 6:00: Wake up. Stumble around the room. Wash face. Go to the bathroom. Change clothes. Do hair. Do make-up.... Continue Reading →

It All Begins Tomorrow

BYU Young Musician's SummerFestival begins tomorrow. And I could not be more excited. This will be the third year I have attended. My first two years were wonderful. I knew from the first full day I went that I wanted to come again as many times as I could before college. Am I getting ahead... Continue Reading →

If You Don’t Love It

My mom took me shopping for my birthday (because I was in critical need to new clothing and I have a tendency to forget to communicate my needs to my parents.) By some MIRACLE, we actually found three shirts that fit, were comfortable, and looked good on me. There was one dress that I was... Continue Reading →

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

I hate thinking that I've read a book and then finding out that it was abridged. That's what happened when I first "read" The Call of the Wild. (Reading the abridged version doesn't count, folks; it's like reading an overgrown Cliff Notes.) I've also seen a movie version of it, although I think the book... Continue Reading →

Banana Muffins

Today is my birthday! I'm celebrating by sharing my currently favorite recipe with you all: banana muffins. Nothing quite beats a good muffin for breakfast. Being in a baking mood, and having bananas to use up (bananas also being the pinnacle of all starchy, fruity goodness) I decided that it was a great muffin to... Continue Reading →

Oat Flour

There are only have two things in this world that I won't eat, but unfortunately, they span a lot of today's food landscape. These things are refined flour and sugar. So that basically cuts out everything that normal people eat. Bread, candy, noodles, cold cereal, jam, granola, chips, chocolate, peanut butter, pancakes, fruit snacks, cookies,... Continue Reading →

Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott

Before I begin, let me establish that I am a complete copycat. Most of my blog posts reflect the format of other people's blogs (read: I like how another blog does book reviews, so I'm doing it too. And because I can, here's a quote from John Lennon: "Amateurs borrow, professionals steal.") So to begin:... Continue Reading →

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