I’m Such An Adult


*TVs pause*

*cars screech to a halt*

*kids drop their toys and look up*

I have the most impressive news to tell you all.





I know. Super impressive.

Here’s the backstory behind this brilliant milestone: About two months ago, there came a day on which I had a piano lesson. Since I got my license, I have been driving myself to my piano lessons. On this particular day, the car was almost out of gas, so my dad asked me to fill it, which I had never done before. Let’s just say that that day was not my best day, and after tears and a minor anxiety attack, I ended up NOT filling the car with gas and instead my mom drove me to my lesson.


Today, I needed to take a test so that I could get dual enrollment in my English class, which meant driving to the testing center in the next town over. I was on my way when I noticed that I had about an eighth of a tank left of gas. I’m really bad at judging how far a tank of gas can go, but I didn’t want to risk getting stranded on the side of the road (and I knew that someone would have to fill it eventually) so I stopped by the local Circle K, parked my car in front of a gas pump, and walked inside.

Yes, I knew to pre-pay for gas. My dad had talked me through how to get gas two months ago. What did you think, that I was driving blind? *wink* *slaps knee* *bah dum shhhhhh*

So I walked inside, rehearsed in my head what I was going to say a mere two times, handed over some cash to the man behind the counter and confidently asked for $20 worth of gas at Pump #5.

Then I walked to my car praying really hard, because this is where it got tricky.

Hundreds of times on road trips had my dad stopped at gas stations to fill the tank, and I did I ever even once step out with him to see how he did it? No….

So pretending that I knew what I was doing, I pressed the unleaded gas button, picked up the gas gun, opened the lid to the hole in the car, unscrewed the thing, and stuck the nozzle inside. Then I looked at the pump, hoping something would happen.

And I stood there for a whole thirty seconds with nothing happening. Then I pushed the unleaded gas button again and laughed with relief as I heard the pump buzz to life and gas rush through into my car. (Who knew that you could hear the gas pumping into your car? Haha, not me….)

After it was done, I carefully removed the nozzle, making sure not to drip gas all over my shoes, and with some difficulty replaced the gas gun (what IS that called? Okay, Google says it’s called a nozzle) back into the pump. Then I triumphantly drove away.

Do you guys know what it feels like to fill your car with gas all by yourself, paid for with your own money? It’s WONDERFUL! I felt like Gru dancing to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” on his way to work. I felt like Aang after he’d listened to Aunt Wu tell Katara her fortune. I felt 3 miles tall. I felt TRIUMPHANT.

Then I totally rocked my test and celebrated by buying school supplies. I’m such an adult.


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