It Hurt A Lot But It Was Worth It (ft. my tired brain)

We went on another hike today. I asked if I had to wear hiking boots again. (Side note: ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HIKING BOOTS, unless you’re just walking down the street. If you’re doing more than walking down the street, you have to wear them, because it’s Austria and everything is a mountain.)
It was actually the most beautiful hike that I’ve ever been on. The mountains were enormous; every mountain I’ve seen before is just wishful thinking. Everything was green, and I would have taken more than 400 photos but my camera just can’t capture my whole field of vision at once.

Also, when you’re going on a hike in Austria, know that you’re going on a hike.

Like, “Hey, we’re going on a hike today, it’ll lowkey take us about eight hours cause we have to hike across two valleys then zigzag across the Alps until we come to the top and then go all the way back down the mountain and walk for way longer than you think you should because you don’t have the mental capacity to remember what the walk back looks like because you’ve been walking for so long.”

Guys, we walked back right next to a huge, obvious river and I literally could not remember ever seeing it before.

My favorite part was the the top, because there was a restaurant. In Austria, they do hikes the right way. It may nearly kill you to get up there, but once you’re there you get thick, creamy milk straight from the cow, and apple cider and kaiserschwarrm, while you look out at probably the most beautiful place on earth, and you actually believe all the pain was worth it.

(The apple cider is actually apple juice mixed with carbonated water and beats every kind of apple cider I’ve ever tasted. Kaiserschwarrm is, for lack of a better description, fluffy scrambled crepes with raisins and powdered sugar. You’re welcome.)

My best friend and I sang all the way down the mountain, but after that we quickly lost it and our singing degenerated into speaking in voices like the squash from VeggieTales and someone on helium. I’m not sure what her relatives think of us, but something tells me that we’re weirder to them now than we were before. But that’s okay.

They also have awesome rest stops along the way with lots of cold water and kid stations. There was a trough of water, and on the way back, I was so mentally wiped (hence the talking like I was on helium) that I decided it was a good idea to dunk my whole head in there. Not just the top; my entire head. I have long hair, so my whole body got wet. I wasn’t hot for the rest of the hike.

When I got back, I felt like I had done my entire Pioneer Trek Reenactment in one day.

This afternoon, I found out that my beautiful, meticulous schedule for my senior year was ruined because my charter school won’t let me go part-time now that I’m a senior. That really didn’t have anything to do with the hike; I just felt like complaining.

Thanks for listening to me whine. Austria is beautiful. You should go. Or you could just watch The Sound of Music, but don’t sing it in front of Austrians because they will hate you forever.


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