Austria: First Impressions

– You don’t quite realize you’re in the Alps until you’re really into them. The road just slowly winds up and the mountains get taller and taller.

– I feel like Heidi in this cute little house on this gigantic mountain. Except there are cows grazing, instead of goats.

– The cows are happy. The chickens are happy. All the animals are happy.

– Small children have no embarrassment standing stark naked in front of strangers.

– We played volleyball in a field in between two gigantic mountains. Except we were also using heads and feet and arms. We were very skilled.
– This house is awesome. I looks cute and coutry-esque on the outside but has all these modern amenities inside, including the best shower I’ve ever used.

– As of today, I have officially hiked in the Alps. There’s a cute “little” river hike a hundred feet from the house and I parkoured all the way there and back. I’m glad I brought my hiking boots, cause I needed them. We broke up into two groups but I thought we were all heading back, so I headed back and didn’t get to try the awesome, dangerous rock wall that scraped up somebody’s leg.

-Everything is so picturesque. There’s flowers on the windowsills, green mountains scraping the sky, tractors making hay, small children running around, a swing and hammock in the front yard, etc.

– I am so ready to spend my last week here.


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