Day 6ish

At the request of a friend, I’m documenting a day of my trip. 

Day 6ish in Deutschland: I’ve gotten over jetlag and we’re beginning to sight-see in earnest. This morning, we walked through Freising to the Bahnhof (train station) and took the train to Munich.

They weren’t kidding when they said that Munich is a big city. A considerable amount of time ago, when Freising and Munich were small, Freising was the bigger town. But because of a bridge built somewhere, it became more convenient to travel through Munich, so Munich became bigger. It’s the biggest city in southern Germany, a lot like New York (except significantly cleaner and I can’t understand anybody.)

We visited zwei kirchen (two churches), which were both beautiful, but I liked the second one better because it had more of a Gothic design, and because nobody was vacuuming somewhere like they were in the first one.

At noon, we watched the Glockenspiel. The Munich Glockenspiel is one of the biggest cuckoo clocks in the world, with figures the size of grown people. It was constructed in celebration of the end of the Black Plague in Germany. The upper level is Princess So-and-So getting married to Prince What’s-His-Name, with their subjects dancing around them. The lower level is (as far as my understanding goes) a group of coopers (barrel makers) dancing, because at the end of the plague, everyone was afraid to come out of their houses, so a group of coopers danced to encourage people to come outside again. Something like that.

I may or may not have started taking a video of it right at twelve, waited six minutes for it to start, and then run out of memory just as it started.
After this, we did a lot of walking. Like, two miles of walking while we looked for a good restaurant. We eventually found one, and I tried my first wiener schnitzel (which is NOT like a hot dog; it is a slab of beef, breaded and fried. Educate yourselves.)

After that, we made our way to the subway, where we rode to the Bahnhof. There, we all got pastries. 🙂 We rode the train back to Freising (I now appreciate Freising so much more; clean and pretty and small; I can wrap my mind around it.) We rode the bus up the hill, because none of us felt like walking.

I spent most of the evening reading the first book in the Beyonders trilogy. Review to come soon. 🙂


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  1. This is so cool! I totally remember visiting the glockenspiel all those years ago. I’m glad you are having fun. Thanks for the update!


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