Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson

So I may have five other book reviews to write, but they all can wait because I finished this book today and it’s way cool, so I’m going to write about it while it’s fresh in my mind.
Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life (Can I just say, that is such a great title. It says exactly what the book will be about, and honestly sounds like one of the amazing titles that you read about in the Harry Potter books.)  The author, Jason Hanson, is a former-CIA agent who shares the best tips he has for survival, as well as stories of people who have used his techniques to keep safe and those who have not and have suffered from it. I was warned before reading that I would quickly give way to paranoia, but I haven’t yet. I’m just waiting for a sketchy figure in a trench coat to start following me, and then the paranoia will come.

While the stuff he talks about is pretty serious – how to keep yourself alive in really dangerous situations – the stuff he talks about is really cool and he admits it. I thought it was cool that he talked about how to deal with all kinds of danger, including natural disasters, and not just what to do if someone tries to kidnap you. He covers what to do in a car chase, how to escape from duct tape (it’s actually really easy) as well as zip ties and ropes, how to tell if people are lying, and how to resist manipulation (and still more!) I was really sad when the book ended; I could have kept reading a lot longer if self-protection had been more complicated, but he really makes it quite simple.

His writing style is engrossing and informative. I would definitely recommend this book, not just for entertainment but also because this information could legitimately save your life. Not even kidding. I’m doing the things he says to do starting now, because I’m convinced that they are extremely important to stay safe (and also because it makes me feel like a spy…) 😀


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