Summer Days

I don't eat pizza, but I really enjoy the smell of pizza. I really enjoyed going to pick up a pizza and smelling it all the way home, after an afternoon of swimming at the pool. Pools and pizza remind me of cast parties (from being in plays), and cast parties remind me of happy... Continue Reading →


Looking Forward

I was thinking about what the next year is going to look like for me. I've dubbed it the Year of Change. It's the year that I'll really grow up. In January, I'll put on my senior recital and audition for the music programs at a few colleges. In May, I'll graduate from high school.... Continue Reading →

A Gloriously Awkward Date

If you ever want to feel embarrassed because you have little to no idea what you're doing, go to TopGolf without knowing how to golf. I mean, technically I have gone golfing before (when I was counts). But for some reason, when I missed the ball and the other three people on the date... Continue Reading →

2017 in Review

Hey there. 🙂 I know I posted to social media that I was temporarily shutting this blog down because my life was really busy. I meant to keep it that way until after my piano auditions in January, but I'm on winter break right now and reading through the archives of one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

I’m Such An Adult

Hold EVERYTHING! *TVs pause* *cars screech to a halt* *kids drop their toys and look up* I have the most impressive news to tell you all. Today. I. PUT GAS IN THE CAR ALL BY MYSELF!   I know. Super impressive. Here's the backstory behind this brilliant milestone: About two months ago, there came a... Continue Reading →

Adventures in the Airport

I'm sure that if you ran a Google search, you could find hundreds of rants about how awful airports are. But I figured, you can never have too many rants about airports, so here is my totally unique perspective on it. We got to the airport for our flight back to the States (yay! I... Continue Reading →

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