I don’t feel like I did a lot today

I don't feel like I did a lot today. I've had a lot of those days recently. There are so many things I should do and not that many hours in the day. It's obvious to me what I didn't get to - gardening, practicing sketching, making a new skirt, altering and mending clothing, baking,... Continue Reading →


I’m Such An Adult

Hold EVERYTHING! *TVs pause* *cars screech to a halt* *kids drop their toys and look up* I have the most impressive news to tell you all. Today. I. PUT GAS IN THE CAR ALL BY MYSELF!   I know. Super impressive. Here's the backstory behind this brilliant milestone: About two months ago, there came a... Continue Reading →

Adventures in the Airport

I'm sure that if you ran a Google search, you could find hundreds of rants about how awful airports are. But I figured, you can never have too many rants about airports, so here is my totally unique perspective on it. We got to the airport for our flight back to the States (yay! I... Continue Reading →

Austria: First Impressions

- You don't quite realize you're in the Alps until you're really into them. The road just slowly winds up and the mountains get taller and taller. - I feel like Heidi in this cute little house on this gigantic mountain. Except there are cows grazing, instead of goats. - The cows are happy. The... Continue Reading →

10 Things About Germany

1. The water heater is broken, so taking a shower feels like jumping off the Titanic 2. German food is making me fat 3. The countryside is beautiful, especially in Bavaria 4. Bayerish is unintelligible, like Southern slang 5. Chickens get scared if you enter the coop wearing different colored clothes than you usually do... Continue Reading →

Day 6ish

At the request of a friend, I'm documenting a day of my trip.  Day 6ish in Deutschland: I've gotten over jetlag and we're beginning to sight-see in earnest. This morning, we walked through Freising to the Bahnhof (train station) and took the train to Munich. They weren't kidding when they said that Munich is a... Continue Reading →

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